Welcome to Technology, Ethics and Society

A new program tied to the future.

Today, nearly all facets of society are impacted by digital technology. From AI to social media and virtual reality, digital tech is becoming central to the way we work, our political culture and economy, the art we consume, and even the quality of our personal relationships. 

Georgetown’s undergraduate Technology, Ethics and Society (TES) Program gives students tools to understand and evaluate the way digital technology is shaping our world, and to imagine new ways to ensure that it serves human values.

TES programs equip students to become responsible technologists, designers, policy makers and activists, as well as informed citizens that will contribute to our broader public understanding of how technological change can be harnessed for good.

Interdisciplinary Minor

The TES minor is open to any undergraduate interested in how the most pressing societal concerns – from democracy and truth to national security and human rights  – are now entangled with digital technologies.

Computer Science, Ethics & Society Major

A major for Computer Science students that also want to dive deep into the ethical, legal and policy sides of digital technology. Computer Science students also have the opportunity to pursue a Concentration in Tech, Ethics & Society.


Events, News

Book Talk with Professor Cal Newport, April 8

As part of the “What Makes Us Human in the Age of AI” series co-organized by the Georgetown Humanities Initiative and the Center for Digital Ethics, a conversation with NYT best-selling author…

March 27, 2024

Events, News

Come Meet TES @ Tech & Society Week

Come and learn more about Georgetown’s new interdisciplinary program, Technology, Ethics and Society. Already a TES student? Come to connect with TES faculty, learn about what they’re…

March 19, 2024

A crowd in the foreground watch as Professor DeNardis and Professor Lee sit at the front of a large room, and are introduced as speakers. Behind is a projection of a blue powerpoint, introducing the talk


Professor Laura DeNardis discusses “Human Creativity in an AI World”

Professor Laura DeNardis, together with Professor Susanna Lee, discussed “Human Creativity in an AI World” at a GU Humanities Initiative event.

February 21, 2024


TES Book Talk: The Secret Life of Data

April 25, 2024 2-3 pm ET IN PERSON at Car Barn 311 Join for an exciting conversation, hosted by TES Director Prof. Laura DeNardis, exploring the many unpredictable ways in which data…

April 24, 2024


Stipend Program for Summer Internships in Tech

Are you a current undergraduate student looking to fund your tech internship this summer? The FLITE stipend program, sponsored by the Georgetown Technology Alliance, enables Georgetown…

April 11, 2024


Course Spotlight: Introduction to Human-Centered Computer Science

“I think one thing to take away is to try to look at things from different perspectives. I had always heard this in the theoretical sense for situations or events. But now I know to look at my code…

April 2, 2024