Interdisciplinary Minor in Tech, Ethics & Society

The Tech, Ethics & Society (TES) minor provides students with an interdisciplinary opportunity to examine ethical and social dimensions of emerging digital technologies. The TES minor is open to any undergraduate interested in how the most pressing societal concerns – from democracy and truth to national security and human rights  – are now entangled with digital technologies. Students who minor in TES will become leaders in the socially responsible development, use, and governance of data and digital technologies. 

Program Overview

Leveraging Georgetown’s unique strengths ethics and policy perspectives, the program includes exploration of: 

Learning Goals

  1. Appreciation of the scope of ethical, normative, and social issues implicated by emerging data and digital technologies;
  2. An understanding of and facility with using normative concepts, frameworks, and methodologies for addressing those issues;
  3. Exposure to and exploration of a range of specific topics, from contemporary or historical perspectives, of technology’s transformative powers;
  4. Literacy in issues around the ethics and governance of issues in data sciences and digital technologies

Curriculum and Requirements

Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.

Meet the Director

Laura DeNardis, Ph.D., a globally-recognized technology and society scholar, is joining Georgetown University’s faculty as the inaugural endowed Chair in Technology, Ethics, and Society in Georgetown University’s College of Arts & Sciences.

Get to know Dr. DeNardis